Alex Pawelko

Alex Pawelko

Pure Mathematics and Computer Science student interested in differential geometry and game development living in Waterloo, Canada.

About Me

I'm a Pure Mathematics major and Computer Science minor (formerly double major) at the University of Waterloo who does a lot of math and coding. I fell in love with programming when I was 11 through video games, and I haven't stopped from there. My professional experiences include standalone game development, game modding, and backend web development. Outside of programming, I'm highly passionate about pure mathematics and I'm strongly considering pursuing graduate work in the future. I'm generally interested in all math I've seen thus far, but am especially interested in differential geometry and topology. In particular, my (limited) experience with geometric analysis has been very exciting!


Hagnus Miemann & badchessengine

Two of the strongest chess playing programs in the world (ranked at ~200th and 432nd) in the world. badchessengine supports the Universal Chess Interface, whereas Hagnus Miemann features an interactive UI.


Ranking system (using Glicko2) for various competitive Minecraft gamemodes used to play dozens of games in multiple communities every day.

Squad Assault

Counter Strike inspired gamemode within Minecraft, initially created for the Mineplex community.

Podcrash Play (formerly Podcrash+ and BetterMP)

Third-party Minecraft client initially designed for competitive play, featuring statistics tracking, optimizations, dozens of quality of life mods, a referee system, and support for almost every Minecraft setup. Initially a personal project (known as BetterMP) until it was acquired by Podcrash after reaching over 250,000 downloads.

Latest Posts

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Tactic Studios

Game Programmer, Sep. 2023 - Dec. 2023

Eden Industries

Game Programmer, May 2022 - Aug. 2022 & Jan. 2023 - Apr. 2023


Software Development Lead, April 2021 - July 2021


Software Developer, September 2020 - April 2021

Beyond Skyrim (volunteer)

Implementation Developer, July 2017 - August 2020



Java, C, C#, C++, TypeScript, JavaScript, GLSL, HLSL, Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, Python, x86 Assembly, LaTeX


Git, OpenGL, Unity, Unreal, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins, Node.js, Express, Electron, Netty, Spring, JNI, Guice, Dagger2, JDBC, jOOQ, SQL, MongoDB, Docker

Other Skills

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, Agile, Computational Mathematics


Chess, Game Modding, Guitar, Sound Engineering, Tabletop Gaming, Classic RPGs, Speedrunning (current world record holder in Command & Conquer: Renegade)